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NP 451 Elite escuadron french 4th hussars officer

NP 451

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Painted 1/30th scale figure.
It belongs to the Napoleonic period
Reference NP 451 Elite escuadron french 4th hussars officer
Modeled, cast and painted in our workshop.

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After the marriage links between the French Bourbons and the House of Augsburg, both in its Spanish and Austrian sides but especially with the latter, the French army began to include in its cavalry contingents of Magyar horsemen who formed the beginning of the hussars in their army.

They were savage and bloodthirsty riders who continued to practice the habit of head hunting.

This officer is distinguished from the troop, in addition to his chevrons and command badges, by the shape of the blanket of his saddle, which is not the sheepskin Schabracke of the troop.

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