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NP 010 Voltigeur de línea 1808 View larger

NP 010 toy soldier line voltigeur 1808

NP 010

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Painted 1/30th scale figure.
It belongs to the Napoleonic period
Reference NP 010 French line voltigeur 1808
Modeled, cast and painted in our workshop.


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Infantry regiments tended to divide their men on the basis of stature.

The tallest and strongest recruits generally swelled ranks of grenadier companies.

Those of average height, were destined for riflemen.

And the smaller and agile recruits, ended up forming part of the companies of voltigeur, word that could be translated like jumpers.

Thus we meet again with the same distinction of troops of the republican Roman legions: princeps, hastati and velites.

Corresponding the voltigeur with Roman velites.

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