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PR 040 Guardia pretoriano caido batalla Cremona View larger

PR 040 toy soldier fallen praetorian guard

PR 040

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Painted 1/30th scale figure.
It belongs to The power of Rome
Reference PR 040 Fallen praetorian guard
Modeled, cast and painted in our workshop.

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During the charges, Roman soldiers were more vulnerable than when they were in closed formation, since in fast movement, it was more difficult to have the defense offered by the shield of the companion.
However, there were fewer casualties among the legionaries if the fight was against a barbarian enemy than against other legionaries.
This Praetorian guard has been slaughtered by the weapons of another Roman trained in the same type of struggle against which it was more difficult to use tactics of distraction, which would have been useful against a German or a Briton.

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