To join the CLUB KRONPRINZ, you only have to request it after registering and placing an order of € 250

What does the CLUB KRONPRINZ offer?

  • 15% discounts on all orders over € 100
  • a figure of value less than or equal to € 35 free of your choice every 6 months of permanence in CLUB KRONPRINZ
  • Priority in considering suggestions for new models

What does the permanence in CLUB KRONPRINZ require?

  • place orders periodically, at least every 75 days (two and a half months) with a minimum value of € 100 each order
  • In the case that the time between two orders exceeds 2 and a half months, the discount will be reduced to 8%
  • if 5 months pass between two orders, the discount will be reduced again, this time to 5%
  • If it is found that more than 7 and a half months have passed since the last order, the membership and privileges that come with being a CLUB KRONPRINZ member will be automatically canceled.

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