África war

In the military operations carried out in the surroundings of Melilla by the Spanish army, after the defeat of the Barranco del Lobo, the three cavalry charges made by the 4th squadron of the 21st cavalry chasseurs regiment with the name of Alfonso XII Regiment deserve to be remembered , on September 20, 1920.

A column of the Spanish army composed of the chasseurs of Tarifa, a mountain battery, a unit of chasseurs of Talavera and a section of the squadron of chasseurs of Alfonso XII, along with the vanguard composed by another section of the squadron of Alfonso XII, the chasseurs from Cataluña, mining sappers, another mountain battery and a section of machine guns, he arrived at Taxdirt, where the rifeños were well positioned.

After several hours of combat, the avant-garde positions were replaced by the soft drinks that were in the rear. This moment was taken advantage of by the Cabileños who, in the face of the disorder produced by the relay, tried to move forward to bag the remaining units in the vanguard. Given this situation, the cavalry charge was essential.

The squadron under the command of Lt. Col. Cavalcanti formed a retreat out of sight and protected from enemy fire. With only 65 horses Cavalcanti is located to the left of the enemy behind a small hill. And when the unit reached the top, he ordered to unsheathe, and after shouting "Santiago y cierra España" the squad launched into the charge against 1500 rifles from the Beni Sicar cábila who begin to flee in terror.

After the first charge, only 40 riders remain, and once the surprise is over, he prepares to fight back. However, the squad reloads and repeats it a third time. This time they were only 20. The rest had fallen or was chasing the enemy. But the action obtained the required result. The squad and its chief were decorated, although there was no lack of criticism of the charge as suicide.

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