Bengali Lancers

One of the most classic images of the Victorian period, along with the Highlanders and British infantry in any corner of the empire, is that of the Bengal lancer regiments.

These are units recruited from northern India and what is now Pakistan.

These were usually Sikh and Muslim soldiers from Punjab.

Their uniforms consisted of indigenous garments that were adopted even by their European officers.

A voluminous turban, a blouse or kurta of different colors depending on the regiment, boots or leg bandages, and a sash in the same pattern as the turban fabric.

His armament consisted of a carbine, a saber, and a bamboo spear topped by a pennant of various colors.

The pattern of the turban and sash varied by regiment. There came to be 19 lancer regiments active.

Kronprinz toy soldiers could not be left out without including several of these regiments in its catalog, managing to offer a colorful collection of lead soldiers that we hope will be liked by collectors. A diorama showing these spearmen during the coronation of King George VI would be impressive.

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