Italian infantry 1940
  • Italian infantry 1940

WW 009 Italian infantry 1940


Painted 1:30 scale toy soldiers.

WWII Collection

Reference:  WW 009 Italian infantry 1940

Modeled,  cast and painted in our workshop

Made in Spain figures for collectors.

Own design models.


Collection Figure 1:30 Scale painted from the series "Winds of War". It represents an Italian infantryman in 1940 with the uniform and equipment used in the Balkans campaign and in the invasion of Greece by the Italian Fascist Army. They also used this team in the early stages of Russia's campaign.  It is armed with the Mannlicher-Carcano, with folding bayonet and steel hull. To the back he carries the rucksack surrounded by the greatcoat and under this one the poncho of camouflage.

WW 009

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