Legio V macedonica legionary I
  • Legio V macedonica legionary I

PR 035 Legio V macedonica legionary I


Painted 1:30 scale toy soldiers.

Rome collection.

Reference:  PR 035 Legio V macedonica legionary I

Modeled,  cast and painted in our workshop

Made in Spain figures for collectors.

Own design models.



The development of the armor of articulated sheets known as segmented loriga, occurred during the first century after Christ. Many veterans were reluctant to get rid of their chain mail. The new armor seemed too heavy and uncomfortable. However, with the passage of time, economic reasons were imposed. The production of a chain mail was much more expensive than that of a hinged plate armor, and the new armor proved to be very useful against the weapons of the new enemies who could seriously damage the carriers of a Mayan lorica.

PR 035

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