Boadicea queen
  • Boadicea queen

PR 060 Boadicea queen


Painted 1:30 scale toy soldiers.

The power of Rome collection.

Reference PR 060 Boadicea queen

Modeled,  cast and painted in our workshop

Made in Spain figures for collectors.

Own design models.


After the Roman invasion of the British islands, during the reign of Claudius, new cities and colonies were founded on English soil for veterans of the legions.

The abuses of some quaestors and other magistrates, caused friction with the native population and the death of some of its main leaders.

Boadicea, widow of the Iceni war chief, raised the tribes against the Romans by massacring the population of Colchester and its entire population.

After a series of bloody battles, the revolt was stifled by Governor Petilio Cerealis.

PR 060

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